Enterprise Application Development

The application software of present times are expected to be futuristic and intelligent, in terms of their capabilities to handle huge data volumes, compatibility across multiple platforms, cloud and mobile friendliness and seamless integration with other applications. But organizations in general, procure unique software applications and systems that work independently leading to data duplication, maintenance issues and lower productivity.

Choose folksoft and experience the difference! Our team’s expertise in MVC and Web Forms (Java/.Net), .Net applications using WCF/WPF, AngularJS, jQuery and Windows application development and the grit to deliver out-of-box, quality software have enabled us to exceed expectations and build long standing relationships with our customers. The agile methodology of application development practiced at every stage of the product life cycle ascertains we deliver within time to market at optimal costs.

We provide bridging solutions and interfaces that enable corporates to integrate applications across different departments/domains, to communicate more with greater speed and increased effectiveness. In the mobile application development front, we house an extensive suite of consumer and enterprise mobile applications and offer porting services across platforms and communication/device interfaces. Our custom mobile application development services span Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Technology areas like imaging apps, multimedia are our current areas of focus. A quality-centric process-oriented approach is followed for software development with multiple stages of quality check and validation prior to product hand over. Software maintenance for extended periods of time after deployment has always been our top priority.

Next-Generation Software Product Engineering

folksoft helps ISVs stay ahead of competition by delivering disruptive solutions across verticals with reduced time to market and total cost of ownership. Our technical competence and industry expertise spanning the entire spectrum of software product engineering services assures product quality and innovation at every step of SDLC.

folksoft helps Independent Software Vendors in design, development and go-to-market with world-class, intelligent products by leveraging our industry-specific expertise, people, process, technologies and development methodologies. We make sure you embrace technologies such as Big Data, DevOps, IoT, Mobile and more to spearhead your business in the digital world.

Product Development – Our end-to-end software product engineering services encompass conceptualization, design and development of products on SaaS, on-premises and hybrid delivery models.

Product Maintenance – Entrust your products with us and experience impeccable maintenance through timely bug fixes, product enhancements and real -time support.

Product Modernization – We help re-engineer your products through UI/UX improvements, legacy system migration, application porting and more to meet dynamic market demands.

Product Testing – We have a Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) to deliver world-class products and thus help our customers achieve improved quality of software and minimize the time to market.


DevOps, the trend sweeping the enterprise IT world today, is all about bridging the gap between Development and IT Operations. It leverages people, processes and technology to foster collaboration and innovation across the entire Software Development Life Cycle process. The end-to-end DevOps approach, comprising continuous assessment, continuous integration and test, continuous release and deployment, continuous delivery and continuous operations, automates all stages of software development and delivery, bringing about increased business agility, IT responsiveness and software quality.

Folsoft’s DevOps offerings encompass all aspects of SDLC, including source code management, code quality analysis, testing, configuration management, deployment and performance monitoring as illustrated in the figure below: